Thursday, May 09, 2013

Day 91 ~ Resins

Today I did what I said I decided not to do, and if you've been reading here long, you know I do that a lot. I put resins in the apothecary box, which I had previously decided not to do, but then I ended up not doing anything with the apothecary box, so I figured ...

Each drawer holds a resin or herb ~ frankincense, olibanum, benzoins, dragon's blood, angelica, mandrake, eagle's claw.

Day 91 ~ Resins: While filling the benzoins I decided to play around with them, burn a bit, assess the fragrance, see if there were any significant differences between the Siam and the Sumatran. And there are. Sumatran is bold and spicy, like a piercing hot cinnamon oil laced with vanilla, mouth watering but dangerous (you can feel the impending burn of this benzoin).

 Sumatran benzoin is a definitive yang element, it sits squarely in the sunlight, bright, demanding, aggressive with a light, soft buttery side (yin) that lies quietly in the background.

Siam benzoin smells like a vanilla sugar cookie. Sweet and dense with a slight warmth and buttery attitude, and almost no spice element to speak of. The yin of the two.

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