Friday, May 17, 2013

Hell's Bells!

So this was going to be a rant about poorly described ebay listings by money-hungry dips, but further investigation revealed that I am said 'dip' for not properly reading the description of the listing for which I just plunked down not-a-whole-lotta-mulla. Anyway, I'm pleased with the buy now as I've appeased myself with potential alterations of the purchased items.

Perhaps I should tell you what I'm talking about, eh? That'd be nice, I'm sure.

I've been looking for bell jars, little bell jars for use as monclins (I already have bleeding cups that I use for that purpose, but I get so many comments ...). So I find some 'bell jars' in a listing with a few other things, three vases, four pitchers, and two 'containers', all of Royal Worcester fame, some with little birdies, others with little fruits. These were not clear glass, and that's what I liked about them (you know me, always doing something different aka weird), so I watched the listing for a few days and when no one else bid on them, I did and won. Here they are, FedEx'd to the house (and left on the porch, which is so iffy in this neighborhood) box ripped asunder, bubble wrap torn through, and then revealed to be -- BELLS! Actual bells. Ring-a-ling-a-ling bells! Granted, I have a butler's pantry in my old house, but I don't have a butler! Who am I ringing these bells for? My daughter suggested rape bells or fire bells, one in each room in case of an intruder or emergency, but the sounds of screaming and crashing about are louder than these bells, so we nixed that idea. Then it was suggested we use them as butler's bells, to which I asked, "Who's going to answer them?" Everyone obviously looked at me. My reply? "Those won't be butler's bells at that point, they'll be 'hey, come punch out my front teeth' bells." (You know I'm kidding, right? No? Ha! Well, okay.)

The bells will be modified with either tape or wire snips and will then truly be bell jars.

(Sorry for all the parentheses.)

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  1. I think those pretty tea cups could work as well! Give them a try.



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