Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cold and A Cold

It's chilly this morning, first time in months it's been really, truly nippy. It didn't rain here, but it did pour in Fresno, soaking the parched earth for about 15 minutes before clearing up and blowing away. I got that news second-hand from friends over there.

I think I'm getting a cold. I can never tell anymore if my runny nose, watery eyes, and chest congestion are from an actual virus, or by the bug spray or flying pollen or dust whipped up by the wind. But this time, I'm thinking cold. The kid had a cold last week, just as I was beginning to feel well again after a summer-long lung problem. Figures. I'm getting on it, though, not letting it settle in and take over another hunk of my time. My nose is my tool, and I can't afford for my tool to be out of commission this long. So it's garlic and turmeric and menthol steams and whatever else I can use to keep things open. I think I'm going to make up a batch of fire cider because it's not yet winter and I'm already getting slugged by the bugs.

Scented herbal sugar scrub ~ jasmine, cocoa, vanilla, herbs, raw sugar, jojoba

I've begun blending sugar scrubs again after a years'-long hiatus. I don't know why I don't make them all the time, they're amazing and I use them when I've got them to use, and they work. The same oil blends that create younger looking soft skin are used in the sugar scrubs I make, and again, they work! I've been using an herb blend made fresh by Shannon at Wilwand Tea, Co., in Atascadero as the herbal portion of the scrub -- things like organic cocoa powder, organic fenugreek, kava kava, organic orange peel, organic rose petals, uva ursi, and wild cherry bark -- these things love us and our skin -- and then mixing all that with non-gmo raw sugar, a few drops of select aromatics (jasmine, cocoa, vanilla, ???), and a drizzle of organic jojoba. The scrubs coming this fall are going to be stellar. I prefer the scrubs over butters because there are fewer problems with melting and leaking with scrubs, and the scents can be just as astounding, and as moisturizing as compared to a butter. But that doesn't mean butters are off the menu this season ~ ha! Small jars might be available from time to time throughout the cooler months. So more sugar scrubs with fabulous herbal potion blends and great oil combinations are on the way.

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