Thursday, September 11, 2014

Egyptian Style Kyphi ~ The Trinity Batch

Weird title. All it means is that this post is about that Kyphi that was made during the workshop on August 30, 2014. The trinity represents the three people who worked the Kyphi (though technically there were four as one of the participants was pregnant).

My personal opinion is that group Kyphi following the Egyptian Style formulation I worked out is better than the Kyphi I've made alone, and even those that I've enhanced with essential oils. There is something about the multitude of hands and positive energy that make that Kyphi vibrate with scent and spiritual intensity.

The Kyphi is now 12 days old, and this is how it appears today:

If you look closely, you can pick out different materials -- a piece of orris root here, a wisp of rose petal there, the skin of a raisin.

As you can see, this is a rough grind batch. We simply did not have the time to spend on each raw material, getting them ground down to powder, so we did what we could in the time allotted. It looks a bit like pasture plunk. I assure you, it's wonderfully aromatic in a good way. Rich and sweet and resinous (think myrrh). It's got some really lovely characteristics. What you see rolled in a hunk up there is my third of the Kyphi, and it weighs in at 19 ounces, give or take a gram, so the full batch would come in at around three-and-a-half pounds. That's how I broke down the mother formulation from a recipe of either 10 times or 100 times less than what I figured out from the research I conducted into making Kyphi. So the original batches were either 35 pounds each, or 350 pounds each (right?) -- math is not my first language. The amount would be easier to determine if I knew how often Kyphi was made, or if it was a continuous process, one batch after another being created, then sitting and fermenting and ageing in rotation. More research is necessary here.

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