Monday, September 22, 2014

Off Topic

This is way off topic for me here, but it's something that's been eating at me since I experienced it and I just want to let off some steam. I was having a conversation with someone yesterday about rape and rape culture and all that entails (too much for me to go into here) when the person I was talking to said, "Yeah, well, women aren't the only ones who are raped," with this look in his eye like, sure, he's experienced it and, yeah, it ain't all the guy's fault, y'know, we can be victims too. I felt a brief moment of empathy, and then I remembered a conversation we had two days earlier wherein this same person said to me, after I explained to him about a young man who had oral sex forced on him, "Bullshit. No man has ever had oral sex FORCED on him. Hahahahahahahaha!"

This, men, is exactly the problem.

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