Friday, September 05, 2014


Today was an early day for me -- still kind'a is. I was sufficiently turned off of Facebook for the day ~ some days I get good vibes, some days it's a festival of depression, most of which I can do nothing about. Today was a festival.

I tried to 'fix' the soap problem I had, specifically rebatching the Drunken Lout & Nettles Soap, not by melting it down, but by chopping it up and cutting it back into a fresh batch of soap. But again, the soap seized on me, then it dawned on me -- and you'd think an experienced soaper would have a better grip on these things -- I was using a seizing essential oil, pimento berry, aka allspice. As soon as that pimento berry essential oil hit the soupy yet traced raw soap, it immediately heated and seized. So, long story short, I'm keeping this batch as the house soap. Again, it's a cosmetic issue.

Now I'm going to disappoint some of you, especially some of my long-time natural enthusiast clientele when I admit that I'm making a partially synthetically scented soap this season to fulfill a familial holiday request. The synthetic in question is a perfumery grade aromachemical that mimics the scent of freshly blooming lindenblossom. This lindenblossom synth smells exactly like (and probably is) the so-called natural lindenblossom that was circulating around about -- gosh, ten years ago?! At any rate, this stuff smells really nice. Subtle and not chemical-like at all. I won't be selling these soaps at the Etsy apothecary. Which reminds me, back 'in the day' when I was making 20 pound batches of soap daily, I made one with a sunflower fragrance oil that I couldn't keep on the shelf. The one and only non-naturally scented soap I actually put up in my shop and it sold like it was made of fulfilled dreams and unbroken promises. And I got many return requests. For a soap scented with a completely made up flower scent. Trust me. Go smell a sunflower and tell me what you get. Maybe sunshine and green grass, but nothing floral, and certainly nothing strong enough to scent soap with.

By the way, real lindenblossom smells nothing like the synth I'm using. Real lindenblossom smells dark and pruney, slightly juicy, with fruit notes (think prunes and figs). Not blossomy at all. Even diluted, it's kind of dark fruity, slightly rotty smelling. Not what you'd expect after actually smelling a live lindenblossom. There is a sweet honey note in real linden -- pink clouds and bees and dandelion fluff. Epic.

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