Friday, March 25, 2016

Herbs 'n Stuff

The white sage I harvested over the past week is a little unusual as it is well fed and tended, so it's full with oils and very highly scented, and the stalks are thick, just a scosh bigger than a sapling trunk. And hollow. And sticky with oil.

The blue sage is so sweet and musky as to be nearly floral. I've been wanting to work with blue sage for ages but could never find enough with which to do anything. Now I have an abundant supply to dry and distill, when the time comes. 

Blue sage -- there is a branch of white sage just on top -- ignore her.

And the sweet myrtle leaves. I need to get all of these hung to dry and then process them into powders when I'm ready to begin an incense building session.

My dear friend, and former Kyphi incense student, Lisa W. sent me a Cecile Brunner rose bush! It's a cutting from one of her own lovingly tended plants, and it's growing beautifully. I had a moment of trepidation setting it out in the front patio -- the gardeners tend to weed whack the crap out of some of my potted plants. I assume it's accidental because it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it sets back the plant growth by months, if not a year or more. This morning was lawn day and the gardener (I think it's a new employee) was extra careful weed whacking and spent a bit more time on the yard than normal, for which I am grateful. And the Cecile Brunner, or as my friend S. likes to call them, 'the Homer Simpson', made it through the weed whacking, all leaves intact.

Lisa also sent me some of her own Kyphi and incense made over this past year, and they're phenomenal! I love how creative everyone is becoming with this Kyphi gig. Granted, there are a lot of die-hard purists out there who follow only the formulations set down by the Egyptian gods themselves, but these new avant-garde formulations are nothing to turn your nose up at either.

This is santal and aloeswood Kyphi infused with gem energy, and it smells like heaven. It is warm, dry, woody, with both earthy and air qualities. And it looks good enough to eat ~ ha!

This is juniper and rose Kyphi infused with rose quartz gem energy, and it is over the top gorgeous. The rose is intense, and the juniper adds just the right amount of peppery, balsamic, woodiness. These are sound Kyphi formulations with unique and delicious scents.

This is Dreamtime Incense, a loose, whole herb incense featuring narcotic-like herbs to help induce sleep. It is rich and intensely herbal with a lovely floral and musk undertone. Actually seems more like an aphrodisiac scent than one for sleep.

And this wee jar of sexiness is actually a good beginning for an incense body powder. It is comprised of sandalwood chips soaked in rose otto and other intensely fragrant natural oils. This is such a great combination of scent that it comes off as a perfume more than an incense. I put a few chips in the palm of my hand and then rubbed the chips between my hands. It left a sweet, musky, warm, and floral 'perfume' in my hands. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

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