Saturday, March 12, 2016

No Lilacs

I've been to the big farmer's market here twice and still no lilacs. I'm wondering if the lilac lady from last year isn't selling them, or perhaps is using a smaller venue to disperse the wonderful lilac blossoms into the world. I'm going back to the smaller farmer's market tomorrow in hopes that the person selling those lilac branches a few weeks back is now selling full-blown blooming lilac blossoms.

I'm getting more requests for reviews. It's kind of amazing that for years I sat here with loads of goods to share and when I unintentionally whittle it all down to a small handful, there is this peak in interest. Ooh! Gotta share! I went on a fishing campaign yesterday on YouTube for anything pertaining to either my name or my business name, and I found a review of my Kyphi booklet! The reviewer called Kyphi, Magic & Art: Creating the Breath of the Gods a 'can of tuna'. Yep. A can of tuna. What does that mean, you ask? Well, most books are baked fish, along with the meat there are bones and skin and eyeballs and other stuff you can't or won't eat -- fluff, per se. A can of tuna is just meat. A big, honking block of meat. Zero fluff. I took that comment to mean she liked the booklet. Well, she did say, despite the mere 19 pages of instruction, that it was worth every penny. So. There's that.

One discouraging thing about that comment is that it kind of dampens my aspirations of becoming a fiction writer in my dotage. If I'm only delivering cans of tuna, where's the creativity? Or maybe it's all creativity. Ah. Did you just see that light go on?

The rains have returned with a vengeance. It rained the whole day yesterday with only a few minutes respite between showers. It's good. Really good. But also cold and windy and humid and -- I shouldn't whine. It's good. I just hope a tree doesn't fall on me as I'm out on my walk today . . .

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