Monday, March 28, 2016

Joy of Growth

So nothing is as unpredictable here on the coast as the weather. One minute it's warm and the sun's shining, the next minute the marine layer swoops in and sends everything into long-john weather. Last week, during one of the warm fronts, the wee one and I planted seeds for our vegetable garden. Tomatoes, peppers, a cucumber, some dill, and I can't remember what all else. Edible stuff, no doubt. And they seem to be doing well. But the surprise came when I pulled back the kitchen curtain and found these in a small container on the windowsill:

Those two little green wisps are baby bergamot orange plants. Of the dozen or so I planted, these two, huddled close to one another, popped the earth to say hello. I have gotten this far on bergamot babies before and lost them to under watering. I won't make that mistake again. Now that I know they're there, I will be checking in on them often.

Getting used to this changeable weather has been a challenge for me. Back in Fresno, I was guaranteed a day of heat and sunshine if the date was anywhere after, say, April 15th. Here, it's a heat wave in January and a cold wave in July. Plants are one of my many 'things', so I must adjust.

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