Tuesday, March 29, 2016

In the Garden of Sweet and Edible

I spent last evening separating the hyacinth extract from the hyacinth pommade and I discovered that I extracted as much coconut scent from the unrefined virgin coconut oil as I did hyacinth. Yes, I expected it to happen as this was a small, small enfleurage with less than a dozen flower heads to use, but I didn't expect this lovely, lush, warm, sweet hyacinth tinged coconut thing. I am saving the extract for next year's harvest, and most probably the harvest the year after, and maybe more before I get the level of scent infusion I'm looking for. I'm also going to break down and use ethically harvested palm as the menstruum because I don't want to argue with coconuts anymore. It was a fun experiment, and now it's shelved until next year. The pommade, however, is going into soap. If I ever get around to making any.

Some time tomorrow, I'll be moving most of the contents of the HP closet into the garage space I created. I still need to sort through everything, but as my habit is to open the HP closet door, see the ceiling high mess and immediately close the door -- the mental block is as dense as the contents of the closet -- it may not happen for a while. I'm excited to find what I need to find, but at the same time, I'm terrified some skippy-lu-lu will come through and destroy something, as is their habit. I'm also afraid that I won't have the time necessary to sort through the boxes and that I'll throw out something rare and beautiful that I tucked away for safe keeping. It's happened before. I cannot be rushed through this process, and everything needs careful examination before being put away again. It's the monkeys on my back that prevent me from beginning.

For those of you who think me prone to exaggeration (which I am) -- proof of pileage.

The seeds the wee one and I planted last week are sprouting! The cukes popped up, a couple of other things have too, but I don't know what they are. We didn't label anything as it doesn't matter what they are, they're all going into pots once they're big enough to plant. I'm pretty excited that I got some things to go this year. Last year it was potatoes and tomatoes, thyme, rosemary, lettuces, and a single feeble pepper plant. We're also putting the white and blue sages into the dirt this year. Maybe later on today as part of the wee one's gardening education. I have just the spot for them both where they will get loads of direct sunlight and just the right amount of water. I want to harvest my own white sage once in a while, and the clevelandii is an amazing scent -- nearly floral -- and I'd love to have some fresh to harvest for a small distillation session.

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