Saturday, April 16, 2016


My, how things change on a dime around here. I may not have to seek space outside of the home because the dynamics are changing -- again -- and I may have space here to use. I would still, at some point, like to have an actual shop, but for now, studio space may be available right here. As soon as July. It's kind of sad, the dynamics bit, but exciting too. Like most major changes along the path, this will be life altering. In a good way. One hopes.

What a gorgeous day today is turning out to be. And why am I sitting here on this box tip-tap-typing away? Because no reason. As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to run a brush through my 'do, throw on some jeans, and go for a walk.

Formula#1-2016 Chypre, which I'm now abbreviating to F1-2016CH for the sake of my aching fingers, is GORGEOUS! And she's not even done yet. The dry down is so pretty, soft, musky, warm, slightly fruity with a big floral flush. I think from here on out it's going to be tweaking things here and there and then moving on to dilution and more tweaking.

Here she is for her close-up. Those paper strips are what I transported the oak moss absolute into the formula.

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