Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Slow Moving Through the Baubles and Bits

I'm still feeling the effects of that gastroenteritis or norovirus (same thing?) or whatever it was that kept me in bed last week, so the closet progress is slow. I have managed to get a lot of work done, but just not much sorting as yet. The sorting is going to take more time. And as usual, there are more things coming in the post almost daily that need storing as well. This shortage of storage space is really taking its toll. And I haven't actually sat down to create anything to sell to keep this thing going in a month or more. Not since the bergamot enfleurage pommade. I'm sure once I dig further into the closet I'll find things -- incense mostly, well aged and ready for sale -- and loads of stuff to make more stuff. The off-site studio space is still sorta, kinda on the table, just not imminent.

I found this box inside an even larger box that was full of packaged bundles of incense from White Lotus Aromatics ~

Lots of floral waxes and rare bits of other stuff

And I found this, the paper stamp, hidden under, well, some paper ~

And then while uploading photos from my camera to the computer, I found this ~

The wee one is really into art and painting and drawing and thinks the best canvas is her own face. This is something semi-abstract she was putting together. When asked what this image expressed, she stated, "It's hiding. You have to look for it."

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