Thursday, April 14, 2016

Grow Already!

Watching and waiting for seedlings to take hold and grow is excruciating business. Someone -- yeah, that guy -- with size 11.5 shoes stomped all over my seedlings that were clearly visible while that same someone -- that jerk -- was cleaning out the rain gutters, so a few of my seedlings kicked the bucket. Thank the universe that I never use up all my seeds when I plant -- yes, for exactly this reason, because despite years -- YEARS -- of starting plants this way, years of all those someones enjoying eating what I grow, one or all inevitably fcks them up causing a late restart. It happens. Every. Time. Someone even weed whacked a Mother's Day azalea to death a few years back because 'it was in the way'. Let me tell you, that year, someone got his/her ear filled with what an irresponsible twaddler he/she was, and subsequently, he/she never picked up a weed whacker again.

At any rate, things are growing, but again, it's excruciating watching them.

Cherokee Purple tomato, organic, heirloom, doing well

Pumpkin, organic, heirloom, not doing so well -- day 2 in the dirt and a snail has already made a meal of it's first leaves, hence the pellets scattered about

Dill for pickling
Tomato, not sure what type, organic, heirloom, survived the foot

Tested Formula#1-2016 Chypre and it presents as very floral-fruity, mostly berries and violets (a theme I seem to keep coming back to) with almost no extending notes whatsoever. I'm happy with its progression as the scent is beginning to become cohesive -- though still very berryish and violety, it seems to have mellowed and is more of a harmonious scent rather than a raw, screechy scent as it was in the very beginning. I know, it's only day 2 (technically) but already things are changing and moving around. It might need more oakmoss if things don't mature the way they should. We shall see how she goes.

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