Thursday, April 21, 2016

Soap Workshop April 23, 2016

The soap making workshop is this Saturday, the 23rd, from 1 to 4, or whenever we finish the work, at Seasons of Spirit in Sanger, CA (15 minutes east of Clovis, CA) ~

 I am offering a two-fer of sorts -- for every pair, couple, friends in twos, cousins in twos, mums and daughters, sons and fathers, etc., you get a discounted fee rate of $80 the pair instead of the $65 per person for those coming one-by-one. In other words, if you bring a friend, you get to ride the Soap Class Choo-Choo for less than if you came by yourself.

I'm working on the scent combination for the workshop sample soap today and finishing with the actual creation of the soap this evening. The soap will also be given away to participants of the workshop, along with my soap making booklet.  It'll be a lot of fun, so if you can, come on out.

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