Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Heed the Call

When did 'news' become advertising? I just followed a link for what appeared to be a juicy mystery, only to discover it was garbled sound bite style article writing surrounded by a dozen adverts for cars, drugs, and investment 'opportunities', followed by AT&T logos everywhere. The logo was even in the background of a photo used to illustrate the story. The story itself was a dud. Completely, but, man, the side bars were loaded with distracting stuff I neither need nor can afford. It makes me sad for our society that so much sh*t is being forced down our necks as 'necessary' to our survival when it is not necessary to anybody's survival except for the very financially wealthy, y'know, in order to keep them that way. I apologize if I sound a bit anti-capitalist -- I'm not -- not even close, I like money just as much as the next girl, but I've never found the idea of 14k gold water faucets as a plausible end goal. That kind of 'rich' is gaudy and desperate. Snap the handle off your bathtub and feed some hungry people, why don't you? Invest in education. Start some companies where people actually have jobs that create a living for them. Not everyone wants to be bloody rich; some just want to shop for their kids' school clothes at Target instead of Goodwill.

I'm done. For now. Ha!

The weekend was great. The soap workshop was a lot of fun, even if turnout wasn't the best it's been in the past. Fresno's a hard sale. As I've said before, that area isn't made for this type of work; people there are underpaid, overworked, and hanging onto their pennies -- because they have to. Soap workshops, perfume workshops, and Kyphi workshops just aren't in the budget for most. At any rate, it was a great class; my grandson showed up and was the alchemist's helper, stirring the pot, asking very important soap-related questions, sniffing, and moving things along at a near-manic pace. The gardens at Seasons were in bloom with rose geranium, different types of roses, lavender -- even the white sage, which now stand over six feet tall, are budding and blooming. The bees around the white sage were intense! Bumbles and honeys were everywhere, just giving those plants tons of bug love. Seasons now permanently hosts bee boxes, and white sage honey will be part of the honey crop this year.

I think I'm going to go off the grid a bit for the next few weeks. I've got tons of custom work that's backed up, plus I'm anxious to begin work on re-formulations and re-batches of perfumes that I'm getting requests for. I need to immerse myself in study again, re-acquaint myself with the creative, in what ever ways appear to me. Work/Creativity is beckoning and I must heed the call. That means I probably won't be posting much here for a while. For weeks. Maybe months. Love ya.

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