Monday, August 08, 2016

Himaya ~ A Natural Incense

The newest incense batches have been receiving rave reviews, even the ones I thought were over the top weird or off the wall strange have been getting just crazy grade A comments. One of my clients (we'll call him Mr. M.) writes the most fantastical vignettes as reviews for the incense, which I find amusing and wonderful -- it makes me feel giddy to read the reviews because I know that A, they're all in good fun, and B, my creations inspired this burst of word dessert.

On Himaya, he writes: "A skilled swordsman, and defender of your master's Daimyo; while on duty, you're confronted by a beautiful Ninja wielding a Tanto. Drunk from having too much Saki earlier, she evades your Katana, cuts your Achille's tendon, and you fall to the ground. Ready to slip her slender knife between your ribs, she leans over you… you catch a scent of her wet hair which smells like rain, and the woods, and sweet herbs; a scent of beauty and mystery that would transport your spirit to the gods, which is where you’ll be going shortly when she slides her knife into your heart. What…??? What is that heavenly scent in the hair of our mysterious Ninja-Assassin Girl? Why it’s Himaya of course, and you can experience it’s unearthly mystery and beauty without having to die a brutal death; right here at the Scented Djinn." 

Isn't it fabulous?

And here he writes on Tents of Kedar: "This is the scent when that sexy damsel in distress comes into your detective office on a dark, rainy night. She's dressed in black; dark and mysterious... but look out! She has a derringer tucked away in her garter! She glides slowly across the old oak floor, smooth like a snake. You're captivated by her movements; she's provocative, and yet... a little dangerous. She sits in an old leather chair by the fireplace, and shakes the water out of her hair; what's that scent? Our mysterious damsel-of-danger smells like... the Tents of Kedar (of course)."

On Thracian Rose, another client writes: "I've been using all natural incense ritually for over 30 years: and this is THE BEST quality I have ever come across."

And more write: "This is spectacular! Wow, she's using some super quality oils/resins/woods. Scented Djinn is rocketing to the top of my favorite incense makers. I like the touch of rose, it gives it a little something extra. Nice!" 

"I collect resins and absolutes and oils. I thought my library was complete. But this incense is a revelation. Camphor? No idea it was this unusual and pleasant. The tiny bottle and seal, all just perfectly addressed." 

And these are just the ones I've received officially as reviews. Many others came as personal notes and a few came over the phone. To say I'm surprised by all of this incense attention would be putting it mildly. I'm stunned, really.  

On another creative front, the skin care line is receiving some good attention as well (I just knocked on wood over here) -- the Frankincense Vinaigre is also getting raves. I've got two clients who claim their persistent acne is beginning to clear up, while another just likes how it makes her skin feel silky and smooth after she uses it. I use it every few days or so and I feel a difference almost immediately. My skin just feels refreshed and clean. 

The Bee & Boswellia was credited with helping to clear up a nasty rash, while the frankincense infused oil supposedly made some crepey skin issues disappear. I'm not saying these products actually did those things, but I can attest that they are made with top quality and handspun ingredients (when possible). I am already receiving requests to make another batch of handspun organic apple cider vinegar to infuse more lovely things into. 

Today I'm expecting shipments of extraordinary things. A large-ish steel and copper distillation unit is scheduled for delivery today, and a kilo or two of lovely frankincense resins -- reds and golds and greens and sacred. Plus later in the week another larger shipment of sacra is due at the studio. I'm beginning to feed my frankincense obsession with more frankincense. I'm not sure this is healthy ~ ha ha! Oh, but it feels so good. I've begun a ritual drawn from the Egyptians of four-thousand-years ago of burning frankincense (my favorite at the moment is Socotra's delicious and rare elongota), a powder blend in the afternoon (right now it is Jannia, who I am very deeply fond of), and in the evenings I burn something sexy and sweet, something ambery and floral, like Amber Rose or something else I've worked out. But the morning always begins with frankincense. Frankincense is my Prozac. It's my Xanax, and my Lithium -- it's my St. John's Wort and Valerian Root all mixed into one wee gummy resin ball. It calms my jittery nerves and anxiety like nothing else I've ever used (with the exception of the brief few months years and years ago that I used Serax to allay panic attacks). It's made a world of difference in the day-to-day, and may even be responsible for the burst of creative energy that is contributing to the near daily grind of new incense. 

I know this sounds like one long drawn out advertisement for my wares, but I assure you, it isn't. Or maybe it is, but only a little. The point is, I'm surprised by the reactions of my clientele. Stunned, surprised, and very pleased. It finally feels like I've gotten a toe hold here and I'm ready to move to the next big adventure.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Recieved the packet from you yesterday-incense of Jannia, and a resin drop of Amber rose. Beautiful, and thank you so much!
    Jannia reminds me of growing up in south Florida. Orange,peppery,weeds and hot summer!
    How did i ever use that "other stuff"??
    Amber rose-I want a perfume of that!

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for the wonderful review of the incense(s).

      Amber Rose is nice, isn't it. It might make a lovely perfume. I think if someone were to drop a few pieces of the resin into a few milliliters of oil, it might make a nice perfume oil.

  2. You make some great incenses! I've been procrastinating on cooking up reviews of the new goodies I got from you, but my poor mom had to have foot surgery, and I'm super busy while she's recuperating.



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