Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Lotus Kyphi

A few years back I presented a Pink Lotus Kyphi to the world and it was gobbled up like plum pudding at Christmas. In September I will be presenting a new lotus Kyphi, this time in blue. This new Kyphi includes blue lotus petals and blue lotus resin, neither of which carries much impact olfactorily, but packs quite the psychoactive punch. This is meant to be an oracle's incense, something burned before spreading the Tarot or scrying or reading the bones. Or if they just want to take a nice nap. So far it's smelling pretty good too. There is a fair amount of turmeric and saffron in this Kyphi, lots of frankincense Serrata and a handful of Thurifera. 

The landscape of Kyphi is almost always the same no matter what it contains. One batch of Kyphi 'glue' looks much like another and doesn't become itself, an individual, until it is finished. This one will, I believe, sport a lovely bright yellow skin when done. Pink Lotus Kyphi was dark burgundy when done, and Red Kyphi was the color of brick. New lotus Kyphi will be yellow-brown with strands of orange and flecks of red.



  1. I would like to book a class. Loved your blog.
    Seasons Curio Apothecary.

    1. We can talk about that -- It's Kyphi making season :)



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