Friday, August 19, 2016

Soap News

After receiving a shipment of natural soap pigments from the soap making supply store, I started up a batch of soap in pretty molds. The soap making supply company included a half ounce sample of pumpkin maple fragrance oil in the package, so I used it. In the pretty molded soap. I also used a little bit of lavender pigment. These are giveaway soaps; practice soaps to see how the color works since I've never used these type of colorants before. I learned something, so it was worth it, and I have 10 really pretty molded lilac and purple pumpkin maple scented soaps to give to the kids. I know. The scent and the color don't exactly jibe, but again, it was experimental and I figured something out about the colorant I didn't know before, so . . .

I'm anxious to begin the butters and balms this season, however, a check of the weather for the next 10 days has set the production back. It's supposed to be 102F this weekend, not conducive to butter making AT ALL. Balms can withstand temps that high, and there are a few of those on the list -- mostly perfumed balms rather than the recent medicinal balms I've been making lately. So the soap production will probably continue for a few more weeks before I realize I'm flush with soap for the season.

Right now in the Etsy shop there are five soaps ~ Mystic Marigold, LEAF Natural Soap, Double Butter Rosemary, Root Natural Handmade Soap, and Petal Natural Handmade Soap. Of these, Root, Petal, Double Butter Rosemary, and Mystic Marigold are my favs. Leaf leaves me -- meh. I think it's because it is a hot process soap and the texture throws me off. I was excited to be making hot process soap when I began to work with them, but I just can't get past the way it feels. Plus it can be a little bit drying. I think I'll stick with cold process from here on out. It suits my slow, ass-dragging, procrastinating personality. Of my favorites, oddly enough, Petal is my favorite. Yes, me, the ylang-ylang hating perfumer loves the way Petal, ylang-ylang rich, smells mixed with marigold and cedarwood and patchouli and whatnot. It smells so nice, in fact, that I can't stop sniffing the bars.

Double Butter Rosemary



Mystic Marigold


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