Friday, August 05, 2016

Quibbles 'n Bits

False stats again. This has been going on for almost three months now with some type of bot using Macs to boost views on this blog -- views which are not reflected anywhere else, such as where a view came from (like google or another website or a link somewhere), so while my stats say I've had 567 views in a day, I've only really had 20. I won't be posting anymore stat milestones as they're all fake. I'm nearing 300,000 and the past 30,000 'hits' are bots. I've done what I can to stop it, but it appears that it can't be stopped until whoever controls the bots decides to pull them off this blog's circuit. Why am I telling you this? Because it frustrates the crap out of me! It throws off all my stats which help me to determine what YOU want to read about here. I have to do a lot more research and calculations in this area, and I've got better things to do with my time than to poke through analytics and try to figure out what that crap's about.

Like, teach myself how to make my own non-toxic charcoal disks for burning incense. I really don't like burning incense on charcoal, but I'm late to the party in discovering that RESINS burn beautifully on charcoal, and should be burned on charcoal. Compounded incense is best burned on heaters and over indirect heat. So. I'm working on some charcoal recipes to create my own since lately, I've been running through rolls of charcoal at the rate of about two per week -- two rolls. Yeah, I burn a lot of resin. I also have a good source for organic bamboo charcoal powder, so . . . .

As if I don't already have enough to do, right?

I'm heading back to Fresno again. Saturday is one of the grand's birthday and there's a luau involved, so swimming, hula-ing, bounce houseing, and water sliding commenseth. Oh, and grub. The menu is a Hawaiian-Asian fusion of sweet and savory pork, Laotian style fried chicken, egg rolls, pineapple salad, mango slaw, and sticky rice with jeow.  That just made me hungry.

One more thing -- I've been super stressed out lately because of, well, the world! Politics are literally making me sick. I've got friends and family from all sides of this presidential election, and I'm just sick of the nastiness that comes out of it all. I had to block some websites on my Facebook page so when friends or relatives share posts from those hateful sites, I don't have to see them. It's okay once in a while, like, maybe one nasty political post for every 10 in my feed, but, oh, no! It's flipped the other way with 10 nasty political posts and one or two normal, non-violent, artsy, loving, sharing, caring, informational, and educational post. Day in, day out, the hate just keeps rolling on. Sh*t's going down on the family front too, which isn't helping. Business is good, so there is that. Why can't it all be good at once? Even for just a few days? Maybe a change in perspective is in order.

I'm going to go grind some sandalwood for that lotus Kyphi. I'm done with this ca-ca.

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