Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Soaps and Goals

Sky ~ A Natural Handmade Soap ~ White Sage Soap

I've been on a soapmaking roll for a few weeks now, and I can't seem to stop. This is the latest soap ~ Sky ~ A Natural Handmade Soap made with the usual suspects (olive, coconut, shea) and scented with a just-distilled bucket of white sage hydrosol and a few milliliters of white sage essential oil. The actual soap is much whiter than the picture here depicts, which surprised the heck out of me since usually to get that level of whiteness in a bar of cold processed soap, one must use colorants. I did use colorants, but only blue.

I've been so busy with other projects here, like the balms and the distillation and the soap, that I've left myself very little time to work on incense, which is my favorite thing to do. In fact, I'm getting more requests for incense than anything else in the shop. I do have my skincare clients, though, so I'm trying to maintain a happy balance between hedonistic fragrance and useful skincare. Since I use the skincare I produce, I can't just drop it from the business -- not that I'm entertaining that idea. I went too many years trying to fit myself into a mold that didn't quite fit and I have no intention of changing what I'm doing now that I've finally got it all figured out. Or me. Got me  in relation to my business/art all figured out.

I want to expand the magical bits of my business as well as it plays such a large role in my day-to-day life. It's difficult not to have some sort of cross-over from useful to hedonistic to magical when it is the way you live. Incense and cartomancy are the bridges, and I'm working on expanding my cartomancy skills. I used to read Tarot all the time but got out of the habit when life (teenagers) got to be too soul consuming. I didn't look at the cards the way I should have back then as tools to help me through a rough patch. Instead, I saw the whole spiritual side of my life as an indulgence. Stupid, right? In the past couple of years, I've eased back into it, getting more into ritual, and not 'witchy' ritual; the ritual that keeps me moving forward, point A to point B type stuff, to keep things in balance as I am living in chaos. Ritual helps (both types) to keep me focused. I can see the benefit of ritual in my business these days. There are certain things I do pretty much every day in an effort to move things forward. In some cases, on some days, 'moving forward' means making money. As much as I hate that whole gotta hustle mentality, it's a must if what I've worked the last 20 years for is going to pan out. It IS panning out. It has panned out. It's just a matter of keeping things going. Historically, I've had a habit of letting pinnacles of success fall to bits because I was emotionally and physically drained. Instead of riding the wave of success and making efforts to go above previous levels of prosperity, I retreated to rest and ended up back where I started, beginning again. It isn't going to happen anymore. I'm not willing to allow personal stuff -- no matter how painful and disruptive -- to interfere with my long-term goals. Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger, and long-term is nearly here, so I must get cracking!

My youngest is a proponent of the 'ask the Universe and you shall receive' law of attraction blabidyblahblahblah (his terminology). I am not. I used to be until I understood what it really was. What it IS NOT is passive, and that's the way it has always been presented. Passive, like dropping to one's knees and praying to the dead gods for a miracle (though this does work in the rarest of cases). Asking the Universe is about solidifying the desire, putting it into your head, and then working on it. It may not seem like working toward a goal; to some, it may seem passive, because once that thought is in your head, you begin to 'attract' what you desire because you subconsciously follow the path toward your goal. Or something like that. I'm not subconsciously following a path, I'm fully awake and working on what I want every. Single. Day. I just hope that there's a little Universal magic in there to help me along, because what is life without a little magic?

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