Friday, October 07, 2016

Amber Oil Composition

I've formulated dozens of 'amber oils' in my work throughout the years, and none have been the same, even exact duplicates. However, they all begin the same, with a base of vanilla absolute, labdanum oil/absolute, and benzoin oil/resin.

Amber Oil ~ 2016 ~ Linden blossom, rose Edward, frankincenses, petitgrain bergamot

I've created amber oils that were deep and musky using old patchouli oils, oakmoss, ambergris infusion oil, and cepes absolute. I've created spicy amber oils using light labdanum oil, vetyver oil, ginger oil, and ginger lily oil. I've created lush floral ambers using rose and orange blossom with hints of clary sage absolute and drizzles of sandalwood, but I have to say that this latest amber oil, the one I'm using in a body butter and in a beard & body oil is the best yet. It's sweet and fresh with linden blossom extract, rose Edward, frankincense oils and absolutes, and petitgrain bergamot oil. It is a distinctive amber -- no doubting that -- but it's got this sweet, airy quality that just knocks my socks off. I'm loving this stuff. I'm tempted to hoard what's left after using it in a beard and body base and not share. Given a week or so, this amber oil will become even more beautiful and sweet.

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