Thursday, October 06, 2016

Le Tarot

I've recently embarked upon a new journey through tarot. For the past few weeks, I've basically been undoing 35 years of bad tarot card reading and learning to replace it with detachment and devilishness. I can tell you, it hasn't been easy replacing all the old ways of reading tarot with this much more accurate and less 'attached' way of reading tarot. Pretty soon, I'll be removing all of the tarot reading offerings on my Etsy site and replacing all of them with just one, a single 3-card reading with an extra card or two if necessary for clarification. It's kind of a Zen way of reading, and it lends accuracy and directness to a reading that other readings I've done have not. Not only that, what I'm learning has muddled up some things about readings I've RECEIVED. For example, four years ago, before I went back to my then estranged husband, a gifted reader told me to go to Napa, CA. I've been rolling that reading around in my head for the past years wondering how in the world she came to this conclusion, that somehow I would find something in Napa that I needed to be successful in life. I'm wondering if I should have gone to Napa before going back to my husband as things might be different in this relationship. The best I can come up with in terms of this reading I received is that A. the reader was making it up, or B. she's a clairvoyant/psychic and not really a tarot reader, or C. somewhere on her cards there was a road sign that read 'To Napa'. Clearly, I'm confused. Ha!

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