Monday, October 03, 2016

Butter Weather!

Since around mid-summer I've been stocking up on wee jars for the autumnal butters, and now the weather is at a point where I can begin to make those butters. Right smack in the middle of an incense swap/exchange, a roll on solid perfumes, and a bit of distillation thrown in for variety. If I'm not busy, I get really bored and perform acts of self-destruction.

We've had visitors off and on since last Wednesday, so most of my focus lately has been on household chores, keeping bathrooms clean, washing sheets (repeatedly), sweeping, hauling out trash, vacuuming furniture and fluffing sofa cushions. So not what I enjoy (the results I really enjoy, though), and when I focus my attention from the creative to the mundane, I have a difficult time getting back into the creative. I have this driving urge to go to Target and buy window cleaner. Ha! Not really. I'm on the hunt for wee bags to store the incense goodies for the exchange, which means a trip to the craft store, which means I'll put things into my shopping cart and talk myself out of them by the time I get to the register so that I walk out with exactly what I was going for and not a gotta-have-it item in my cart. This kind of will is a coupon to myself that I hand to me when I walk into places like craft stores, places that get me into trouble. The only problem is often I forget I DIDN'T get that thing and tear bags apart looking for the thing I ultimately didn't get. No savings is as good as the savings received when you just don't buy the stupid thing you didn't need in the first place!

My granddaughter's wee store on Etsy, Lylli's Petals, is shifting gears, and ownership, over to her mum who is going to take the reins and start a bath bomb and bubbly bomb making biz with it. It's still going to be Lylli's Petals, new logo and everything, with the official name "Lylli's Petals & Sweet Scents". Not all natural, though, as you can't copy Lush and do all natural at the same time. But you can learn from a natural perfumer how to blend and formulate one-of-a-kind scents for your goodies. Plus the connections won't hurt either.

Off I go into the world to find - - - bags.

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