Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Weather

I've been so immersed in the packing and regular daily life that I've had little time to set down what those incense projects for the class will be. That's on the agenda today. I'd like to make a batch of Christmas incense cones, and another batch of woodlands incense cones. For the sticks I'm thinking something floral, maybe magnolia or -- geesh, I don't know. I haven't really thought this through! I'll have to go out to the studio/garage and dig around in the goods a bit to find out what I'd like to build in the class.

As most of my customers know, every time they order something from my Etsy shop, they receive a sample of something similar to what they've already purchased -- if they fill their cart with incense, I send them a sample of incense they didn't purchase; if they fill their cart with skincare items, a balm, butter, or serum, I send a sample of a serum they didn't purchase, etcetera. There have been a lot of incense orders in the past few months -- I mean a lot -- and I've been sending bits and pieces of incense samples to all of them, and one, in particular, has really struck a chord -- May Zahr -- who is NOT yet ready for the shop, the slow drying little bugger! I've got folks champing at the bit for that one to go up. I'm getting kind of anxious about it too, as I don't want to have it sitting about while I'm packing and moving and have it there on the last day, still a sticky puddle. I've been going out and working it every day, rolling it, folding it, exposing the wetter bits and working the dryer bits in. I'm thinking that I will have to put a fan on it for a while so it dries faster, especially since we've hit our rainy season here. Yes, it is raining in California, folks. My area is predicted to receive up to 2" of rain today. We shall see. The local meteorologists might as well be looking into a dirty crystal ball for their weather reports as their 'predictions' haven't quite been on point lately. But I do currently live in one of the varied coastal microclimates, so what goes for the town 10 minutes away is a different story where we live.

Not for long, right? Once in Fresno, the weather is easy to predict. It's a watered desert nestled between two mountain ranges, and it catches rainfall like a big cup. The storm gods like to play games over here on the coast, pushing their rainmaking machines' buttons off and on, as if they'd put their pet monkey in charge. Over in Fresno, the rain button gets pushed and the monkey takes a nap for an hour.

How sick is that? I haven't had an opportunity to work in the studio for so long that all my creative efforts are going into writing about the weather! Ha!

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  1. I can't wait to make a Christmas or a woodland scent for the class. Love then both



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