Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fennel & Orange Blossom Shea Butter Soap

I just listed these soaps, even though I made them back in December. They took their sweet time getting solid enough to sell and ship, and I used a fair number of them as gifts for friends and family. The listing is for three of these big, clunky bars, roughly 7 to 8 (maybe even 9) ounces each, made up of half shea butter to one-quarter olive and one-quarter coconut oil, scented with a couple ounces of orange blossom floral wax, fennel essential oil, some clean steel distilled patchouli oil, a bit of cloves, and some other stuff -- cedarwood and a dank patchouli. Because I put so much essential oil formulation and shea butter into the mix, they took a long time to harden up, and even now they're a bit spongey. If you buy one, please give it time to air dry between uses or it will melt like ice cream in a damp shower.

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