Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Kyphi Making Course ~ Walking the Kyphi Path

The new Kyphi making course, Walking the Kyphi Path, is set up and will be ready for students in a few days at The Natural Perfume Academy. The price for the course is $59.88 USD (€56) and includes some history, step-by-step guided instructions, and solid information regarding the ingredients used in Kyphi making. Students can sign up any time they want and begin their journey. There's no end date, so it is entirely feasible a student may take anywhere from a month to a year to complete the journey. Because of this, anyone signing up for the course will remain in the course indefinitely. We hope to create an avid Kyphi-loving community as well so discussion of issues such as environmental impacts of over-harvesting, bans, and sanctions against the countries of our suppliers, and general discussion pertaining to the evolution of Kyphi will be encouraged. 

This course is highly recommended to students of natural perfumery and aromatherapy, as well as suppliers of the raw materials used in Kyphi making, and lovers and makers of incense.

Contact Ruth (administrator) at The Natural Perfume Academy (www.naturalperfumeacademy.com) to join us!

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