Friday, February 17, 2017

The Apothecary Farm Becoming

The past few weeks have been filled with . . . dirt. And ants. And pruning and planting and scratches and scrapes. It's also been filled with the wonder of nature as our newly planted calendula begin to bloom, and the daffodils shake out their yellow bonnets, and the hyacinth point to the sky with their tightly closed grape cluster blossoms. The scent of the white sage, grown big and round and fragrant from all of the rain fills the air as we weave between them. The giant musk sage perfumes the farm, and the pit fruit trees half abloom buzz with the sound of a million winged workers. It's gaining its magic, the old apothecary farm, finally awake and ready for its purpose. Just a few days ago we set up the four points garden with incense cedar trees at the east and west points, and lodge pole pines at the north and south. Between the points, at the quarter points, are elderberry bushes and a cute little pink flower throwing manzanita. Last night the fire pit was placed in the center of it and an initiation fire was lit. We're on a break now as the rains have returned. As lovely as it is to work in the rain, it's also a fat muddy mess, and much too hard to pull one's boots out of the muck and mire of a freshly plowed field. These rainy days are for contemplation and inspiration for what to do next on the farm. More planting, of course. More planning. Getting the wee shop ready to open, and waiting for everything to come alive with a vengeance.

The incense I created went off. The cones molded in the damp, even inside with the fan and heat on them, and the sticks are having a difficult time burning. Many factors are at play here. One, I lost my scale so I was measuring by the spoonsful, so I'm pretty sure my paste was myrrh-heavy. Two, the rain. The blessed and cursed rain. And three, the mojo where I'm staying is OFF. I'm off. It's all off. I need to get to the new space to work these bits of magic out. Here I feel like I'm working with both hands tied behind my back. So, in the meantime, I will write it all down. All the ideas, the fleshed out work, the incense that wants to be born, and when I'm in a place where I have room, both inside and outside of my head, I will work on it. On the up side, the farm shop is receiving soap orders, so that is the next big project. Just waiting on the scenting material, and then we'll get to it.

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