Friday, February 09, 2007

Losing Sight

So. When did it happen? When did the art and beauty of natural and botanical perfumery become just an industry?

Well, let's see. I've seen this happen before -- in soap making. Give a girl (or guy) a book, and suddenly they're a flippin' expert!

It's paint-by-numbers natural and botanical perfumery these days, with the payoff some pie-in-the-sky idea that these perfumes will grace the counters of Neiman Marcus, as the bestest, most wonderfulest, most fabtacular natural and botanical perfume the world has ever seen! *gag*

Even the movers and shakers, those self-appointed top of the heap folks, are having a difficult time getting and keeping their wares in the high dollah windows. Get an account, inflate the head, burn the bridge.

Where's the humility? Where's the love of the craft? Where's the freakin' talent?

Open your eyes. The best is yet to come, and you'll probably find it at a swap meet.


  1. -Open your eyes. The best is yet to come, and you'll probably find it at a swap meet.-

    Or how about finding a little bit of happiness via a bottle of Golden Grain? Nooo, not by drinkin it! I'm not that crazy!

    Ah kaint tell yew how excitin ah was tew spend mah $15 for a bottle of it so ah kin dew some morah teenkshuren!! Ah aint nevuh bin much fer hi fallutin unless ov korse itz cuz ah fownd a nu shade of red fer mah hare!! heeee!!

  2. Man, talk about taking a scorched earth approach to an art form.

    I guess if you're able to write them thar books, you must've sprung forth fully-formed from Zeus' brow. Fit to populate the earth with students and groupies.


    Sometimes you are so close to something it is impossible to see it for what it is. Thank heavens the earth's not been scorched out here, though.

  3. I totally LOVE the pic!!!!


  4. Pretty Poisons ~ love when we find those magnificent simple finds ~ hallee-loo-yuh! Just ordered up a jug-o-spirits for tincturing myself. Gives me the shivers, I'm so excited!

    Sara ~ Ah, yeah, I'm getting to the point where I'm wanting to pull my hair out with all the shenanigans. Have to get away from it somehow, it's a real buzz kill. Well, I'm off to eat a bowl of Prozac!

    Chamara ~ check out Dirty Roses dot com and dig for the link for Tallulah's ~ you probably already have it, no? Discs and discs of lovely antediluvian babes.



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