Friday, February 16, 2007


I say, how'd you like to have this as your perfume apothecary and learning center?

Too bad it's all busted up into separate office spaces. You'd be sharing your lovely perfumerie with a dentist.


  1. Can't you just push them dentists out with the force of you magic?? Now if there ever was a building absolutely suited to host a perfumery, this is the one!! And it have almost the LPR color too:-)

    I have bathed in that delicious Delicia bath fizz when I woke up - heaaaavvveeeennnnn!!

  2. I always wanted a big pink foufou Victorian.....swoon!

  3. I know, isn't this building just awesome? When driving through Sonora toward Columbia, you almost miss it as the main road forks to the left and there's this red brick colored monstrosity on a little hill (right next to the parking garage). Can't get much more Victorian than this wedding cake, can you?



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