Wednesday, February 14, 2007

That Thingey, Y'know, THAT!


Brain's on autopilot again.

I wanted to post something uplifting, something nice (for a change), since I've been in a funk over what's going on 'out there' ~ neurotic thinking.

Gotta get'a life.

So, for all you artists out there, you perfume making mamas, you scent directed individuals, or anyone who struggles with their creative demons, I give you this gem:

Ignore the thoughts of public achievement and throw yourself into your work for its own sake.
(Elizabeth Kostova said that).


Feel better?

I do.


  1. For this perfume making mama it's kind of two faced - it is fun to create for creativitys own sake LOL, but for some reason (why????) I also want to create sellable things too. That line can be thin as silk or broad as a tarmac, depending on how you look upon it LOL.

  2. I get that completely. I do love creating scents, even those that don't hit the mark olfactorily, but teach me valuable lessons instead. Sometimes, those are the best creations ~ the stuff we pour down the toilet or give to someone who doesn't care if they smell like mustard and green peppers and sweat. On the other hand, I'd like for this obsession of mine to pay for itself. If I sought fame and fortune in this artform, it would mean I'd have to work, as in 9-5, and I don't know that I could call my 'work' art anymore if that happened. Fine line, indeed.



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