Monday, February 05, 2007

Smell My Finger . . .

That's something I say a lot 'round here. And, believe it or not, people actually smell them ~ ha!

Today I was packing tinctures and dilutions for a friend to sample and I made a mess. I spilled a drop of 30% boronia, so I wiped it up with my finger. Then I splashed a coffee tincture, a goat cheese tincture, a tincture of hyraceum and an amber perfume all over my hands. I need to quit the coffee.

But right now, at this very moment, I'm really digging smellin' my fingers. This is an awesome perfume!

So remember this ~ boronia, coffee, goat cheese, amber and poo = mmmmm!


  1. oh mah gawd girleh.....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  2. Goatcheese and hyraceum??? My gawd! Did the bornia survive that experience or did it keel over fromthe fumes? LOL

  3. Actually, the boronia did lovely things in this accidental blending spree. It was definitely center stage, otherwise how could I have stood it? The hyraceum went from wet fur/poo-at-the-zoo to soft musk, and the goat cheese was a lot nicer than one might expect. It has less of that sharp, tanginess normally associated with goat cheese ~ it's kind of round and pungent. The coffee tincture, while bitter and burnt smelling (much like cowboy coffee out on the range) really softened up and lent the entire mess an edible aspect. Maybe the amber helped out there a bit. At any rate, it was delicious while it lasted :D Never say never, right?



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