Wednesday, April 28, 2010


People often ask me where does my inspiration come from, and I don't know what to say. It comes from everywhere, it comes from different places, it comes from stuff. For example, a nice young lady recently asked me if I could replicate her favorite incense, an Indian blend that she can't find anywhere anymore. All she has as an example, and not a really close example, are some incense sticks, so she sent me a few. I can't describe my elation at knowing exactly what was in those sticks, even though they are surely at least 80% synthetically blended. As soon as I opened the package of incense, I "got" champaca, then magnolia, the greenish smelling stuff, alba or something, then I got cananga and vanilla and sandalwood and inspired! The young lady wants a green twist, something a little darker, with a little dirt in the mix. This is an extrait.

Inspiration, in this case, came from an incense stick.

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