Friday, April 09, 2010

Perfume ~ It's What This is All About, Right?

I know, right? So what do you care about my son's rock band or movie quotes that apply to my life or what the cover of my Natural Botanical Perfume workbook looks like? Though, at least that's about perfume . . .

Because it's just me. I'm not single mindedly pursuing perfume like it's the only thing in my life. It is a huge part of my life, for sure. But it's not everything. Blasphemy. I know. But that's just me too.

So what perfumey things have I been up to lately? Well, there is the workbook, and that project has taken up quite a lot of my time, since last October, in fact, and now that it's done, I'm at a loss -- what's next? Yes, there is the course in May, but what to do between now and then? Create perfume, definitely. Still working the kinks out of an amber eau de parfum I've been formulating and reformulating for at least two years now. Plus there's Dimi's brief. Oh, and what am I thinking? The perfumer's journal to be published within the next few months. I ordered a trio of minis from Victoria's Secret of their discontinued fragrance, Rapture. My daughter and son's girlfriend love the stuff. That's perfumey. Reformulated an eau de toilette to extrait strength for a special client -- what an adventure that was. Berated my 14-year-old-son for the eleventy-hundredth time about wearing "Bod". Ew. Evaluated my current student's brief submissions, which turned out spectacularly. Their perfume submissions, not my evals. The perfumes were all based on the same brief and their interpretations were vastly different yet each still holding onto the main theme of the brief. A few in particular were stunning. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little bit jealous of their talent.

So, it's still about perfume, but it's about life crap too. What do you want me to do? Pretend to be somebody else?


  1. If it was JUST about perfume, life would be very one-dimensional indeed.

  2. Absolutely. Besides, there's no way my family would allow me to sink into the insanity of hermit perfumer -- they want their damned chile verde NOW, cook-lady! And don't forget to wash the dog, scoop the cat urp off the carpet, and, hey, would it hurt you to wash a few towels once in a while?! I mean, really, it's not like YOU HAVE A JOB!


  3. Hoo boy. That's my household, too. And it is mostly critters. We split a lot of chores depending on who is home to get things done, but until I can train the dog to vacuum and the cats to do the dishes, and the chickens to prep cook, we're kind of at an impasse. He doesn't get to go crazy solar style and build stuff all the time, and I don't get to go crazy perfume style and smell up the house all the time. Bah, it's more practical to be a Jill of All Trades anyway, I figure...

  4. Ha! Funny. I used to tell the kids that monkeys could do their chores better than them, so one of the, the smart ass of the family, started looking on Craigslist for trained monkey maids. What am I talking about? They're all smart asses!

    Yeah, I like to do lots of different things -- read, design clothes, garden, cook, take photographs -- perfume is in on a daily basis, just not an all day long daily basis.

  5. That was supposed to be "one of them, the smart ass . . . yadda yadda yadda"

    All that editing last night made me numb.

  6. Is it too late for clicker training in your house? :)



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