Tuesday, April 13, 2010

EDITING, Editing, editing . . .

It's maddening. Nothing really glaringly incorrect about what I've written, just me being particular and changing words around, or restructuring a sentence so it flows better. It's amazing how different the workbook looks in tangible paper and binding. On the computer screen, it's -- I don't know, it's not real? I mean, it's locked up in a hard drive and I can't actually touch it. Published, it is real, and it seems less perfect than on the computer, it feels needful. And the formatting was wonky. I don't know if it's because the publisher effed up or if I had too many rockin' fonts going on and it threw off the formatting -- I've gone through and changed all the fonts, restructured the graphs (which I believe were also throwing things off), and made numerous editing changes (even before I got the hard copy). And now I'm down for another editing session, and then another, just to make sure, then I'm sending off for another draft . . . Oh, what the hell am I talking about? My perfume workbook, what else?


  1. eartha9:33 AM

    how much will it retail for?

  2. I'm not sure yet. Since I received the hard copy, I went back into the file and added loads more pictures, which expanded it by 9 pages, and each page, because the workbook is in full color, adds about 35 cents per page, plus I'm paying someone to publish it, and their cut is ridiculous . . . Once everything's ironed out and ready for distribution, I'll announce it here on the blog.

  3. J, it looks fabulous. I so want to get a copy. I can only imagine how much time you have spent putting it together. I know it will be worth every penny and more.

  4. Thanks Melis,

    A lot of hard work went into it. And there isn't anything in it that I haven't done myself as far as instruction goes. Some of it's pretty basic, other parts are, well, more advanced. I literally just rewrote an entire 250 word page five minutes ago -- editing drives me up a tree!

  5. I'm really impressed with all this. Truly.

    I can't write a blog post without editing the bleep out of it five times as I am going along typing, because of my internal editor never taking a rest, or a hike.

  6. I just finished up editing it -- for the fourth time since I got the hard copy. And now I'm working on formatting it with the publisher's publishing software. So far I've had to go back into the original document and shift things about. I'm about to pull out my hair.

    I try not to do too much editing on the blog, but that's because I'm lazy :) If it's something really horrible, I'll go back in and edit the post later. Usually I let 'em go.

    Right now my internal editor is kicking my ass.



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