Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Flakiness of the Creative (me)

I have this problem. Well, I actually have a lot of problems, but I'm talking specifically about creating wonderful smelly things for skin and hair, the environment and spirit, and the problems I have within that arena. For example, I procrastinate. Some days I'm really good and can get those orders cranked out and in the hands of my customers within 48 hours or so, but when I'm in one of those procrastination modes, which is becoming the norm for me and shouldn't be, I know, and I try to snap out of it and not use the fact that we're down to a single car now and my husband works out of town for days at a stretch and I'm virtually car-less during that time as an excuse for not sending things out on time and asking for a ride from one of my mobile children, or even from my mum, is an exercise in humility, but still not as awful as sending out orders late and (here's the next problem) with the wrong number of items packaged inside. Did you get all that? Yeah, problema numero dos, if you order two of something from me, you'll probably only get one -- in the first package -- I'm sure to make it up to you in the second or third package. I'll gather up your two whatever that you ordered, get 'em labeled and ready to go, however, when it comes to the packaging part, putting the item(s) in the box, only one makes it in. It's like some sort of self-destructive mental block. My friend L would tell me it's because I don't want to send stuff out, and in a way, she's right. The creative part is my gig -- I love, adore, cherish! -- making the skin care or spray or perfume or cleaning thingamabob more than anything; the play of ingredients against one another that eventually, through time, patience and experimentation, bond to create a harmony of . . . whatever. Packaging, even labeling (that includes designing labels, which I hate) is a pain in the patooty. Which brings up the next problem; I sometimes give too much irrelevant information at inappropriate times. Yes, this is a business! Yes, customer service is supremely important, and I do try to make up for my shortcomings by offering discounts and store credits to the nearly disenfranchised, but I also somehow manage to fudge that up as well. And the inappropriate information? Well, that's this entire flippin' post! This is something I've done my whole life. My friend M would say I blurt out inappropriate things because it's my way of alienating myself from people so that, in essence, I've "rejected" them before they have a chance to reject me. Whatever. As an example of one of the more inappropriate things I've said--out loud--was when I caught someone watching me pluck the elastic band of my bra with my hand under my blouse, and the plucking commencing at the frontal boobage area, while attending a Parent/Teacher meeting at my sons' elementary school, and I loudly blurted out, and unfortunately during a lull in conversation, "I need a new bra." Then realizing the ridiculousness of what I said, I began laughing hysterically and had to excuse myself from the rest of the meeting. Needless to say, I never attended another Parent/Teacher meeting at that school again. See? Now was any of this in any way relevant to perfume or skin care or room sprays or scenting or anything creative? So, yes, back to the topic -- flakiness and general unintended fcuk ups -- I'm sorry.

It's probably a good thing that I'm redirecting my energy to non-toxic housecleaning, a relatively lonely sport, because I might be inclined to tell the lady or man of the house that their 16-year-old son in full swing puberty needs to stop putting his boogers on the bottom side of the toilet bowl because, for crap's sake (no pun intended), he's sitting next to an ample supply of toilet tissue in which to properly deposit them!

Okay, I'm sorry again.

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