Sunday, July 03, 2011

Smell My Finger ~ Summer of Patchouli Love in the Flesh

Summer of Patchouli LOVE aka Patchouli Bliss, aka Smell My Finger, My Hand, My Arm!, aka Have I Died and Gone to Heaven?!

Choosing only three for the top favorites wasn’t an easy task, but here goes.

My top three favorites are:

#14 ~ Kama Sutra, baby! This is edible honey dust, sugary sweet and powdery, lusty nights and cause for blushing in the morning!

#13 ~ Sweet, buttery, berry-floral intense incense ~ absolutely beautiful. Edible yumminess.

#7 ~ Boozy, sexy, gourmandy-green with wild animalic and water notes. Did I say sexy?

There weren’t any “bad” perfumes in this bunch. The diversity and range of interpretations of patchouli in these perfumes was spectacular – all of them utilized the key ingredient beautifully.

These patchouli perfumes were presented unnamed and unrepresented by their makers, so choosing the “winners”, as it were, was a completely fair and unbiased exercise. I also assigned a rating system of points from zero to five, zero obviously being the least impressive, and five being the most impressive.

The following is the list of perfumers with their corresponding perfume #’s, and the notes I took prior to the perfumer’s being revealed ~

#1 Indienne- Perfumer Alfredo Dupetit, Bio-Scent by Dupetit ~ this perfume is deeply woody with a powdery, tonka-smooth backnote, very creamy; the dry down is strong and tenacious lasting a few hours. ☺☺☺ and ½ ☺’s

#2 River Walk- Perfumer Liz Zorn, Liz Zorn Perfumes ~ this is a fruity-sweet perfume with smokey pungent notes, there’s a dichotomous sticky/powdery note throughout this composition that I find intriguing. ☺☺☺ and ½ ☺’s

#3 Go Ask Alice- Perfumer Shelley Waddington, EnVoyage Perfumes ~ soft, smoky-floral, green, very feminine and “light”. ☺☺☺

#4 Haight and Ashbury- Perfumer Jane Cate- A Wing and A Prayer Perfumes ~ floral-fresh, powdery, feminine, delicate. ☺☺☺

#5 Bohemian Spice- Perfumer Tanja Bochnig, April Aromatics ~ this is a sparkling citrus, mostly orangey, with sweet powdery notes threaded with green. ☺☺☺

#6 Happiness- Perfumer Ambrosia Jones, Perfume by Nature ~ this is a bright green citrus with a warm smoothness, summery. ☺☺☺

#7 Rose Boheme, Perfumer Charna Ethier, Providence Perfume Company ~ boozy, green, gourmand; has a lovely animalic backnote with surprising watery aspects making this perfume “feel” languid and lustful. The dry down is sweet and smooth and has nice longevity. (my #3) ☺☺☺☺☺

#8 Patchouli Paisley- Perfumer Lyn Ayre, Coeur d’Esprit Natural Perfumes ~ this perfume is peppery and green with delicate floral notes; nice balance, though a bit fleeting.☺☺☺☺

No #9 (we omitted to use the number nine in order to avoid confusion with number 6 for the Patch test Bunnies)

#10 Tetu- Perfumer JoAnne Bassett, JoAnne Bassett Perfumes ~ dark, smoky, green leather; tenacity, tenacity, tenacity! ☺☺☺☺

#11 Bodhi Sativa – Perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, DSH Perfumes ~ this perfume is sharply green and fresh; tangy with juicy, fruity notes throughout; good tenacity. ☺☺☺ and ½ ☺’s

#12 Queen of Punk – Perfumer Amanda Feeley, Esscentual Alchemy ~ this perfume is minty and animalic, like iced fur (?), with powdery, woody and resinous notes holding it all down; good tenacity. ☺☺☺☺

#13 Wild Child- Perfumer Kedra Hart, Opus Oils ~ this perfume is bodacious; sweet, buttery, dense berry notes with heavy florals and an intense incense note – beautiful. I just love the way the fruit notes mingle with the incense notes, like a head shop and a lingerie store smell all wrapped into one. (my #2) ☺☺☺☺☺

#14 Royal Water- Perfumer Rodney Hughes, Therapeutate ~ this perfume sparkles and shines, like polished gold; it’s super sugary, honeyed, lushly powdery and exotic. This is probably giving away way too much personal information, but it reminds me of Kama Sutra honey dust and all the anticipation that that scent entails, but more. I’d be a little concerned that someone might lean over and whisper in my ear, “What did you do last night?” if I wear this perfume out. But that certainly isn’t going to stop me. I’d definitely wear it out, over and over again. (my #1) ☺☺☺☺☺

This was such fun, and as I said before, there wasn’t a bad perfume in the batch. I’d wear them all, and I will. In fact, I’m wearing #12 right now, floating down the river to the Summer of Patchouli Love.

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  1. O yeah! What Justine Said!!!!

  2. I love the scent of sandalwood which has a blend of a warm, rich and earthy fragrance. I even use a patchouli sandalwood body spray during cold weather.



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