Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lavandin, It's What I Got

Grosso. I got just less a little than a gallon of hydrosol. And 10 mls of lavandin grosso essential oil. This morning I'm finishing off the last 10 ounces or so of the hydro, then it goes in the freezer to separate out the oil, then the oil goes into the small bottle to separate out the water, then the oil is again poured off into another bottle that's just -- um -- oil.

The next grosso harvest is in the fall and I think I'm going to teach a distillation course on site at Seasons Gifts & Gardens. See what we get.

Shannon at SG&G said she has another patch of lavender that's much more fragrant and is meant for oil specifically. I think it's either a pink Hidcote or a Jean Davis, and it is more fragrant than any other lavender I have ever smelled. Oh, and it's an English variety. And it's not a hybrid.

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