Saturday, October 04, 2014

Being in One's Own Company

Being in one's own company for too long can become maddening. What I mean by that is that not having someone of similar ilk, in this case, someone involved with scent, to talk with on a consistent basis bogs the creative process. At least for me it does. I feel as if I'm creating within a vacuum. Nothing comes in, nothing goes out. It's not that I'm alone, no, there are plenty people underfoot to not be considered alone, but if one more set of eyes in this house glaze over while I'm talking about my 'big plans', I'm going to scream. Or move out. Or both. Oh, and don't expect me to listen to you go on ad nauseum about your dreams, and more often now, your fears, if you won't give me the respect by just listening to me. I have no truck with fear these days, so . . . I get it, you're the center of the Universe, and I'm chopped liver. Moving on.

Okay, that was weird ~ ha!

I've lost my camera battery charger again. This is two since I've moved here. I NEVER lost my camera battery chargers before I moved here, but something about this place makes one absentminded. Me. Makes me absentminded. I've had both of those chargers in my hands in the past 30 days, but for the life of me, I can't tell you where either of them went. This is a sign of something not great happening inside my brain. My body is telling my spirit -- RUN!!!!! Or something like that.

So, I can't upload the latest soap photos is what I'm saying. I can't upload ANY photos is also what I'm saying. I feel naked without my photos! It's hard to sell stuff when people can't see what you're selling, and I'm not a good enough writer to describe it eloquently enough to make someone curious enough to buy sight unseen. Can I just say, though, that I'm sitting 10 feet away from a batch of the most gorgeously fragrant lavender and kyphi 'flavored' soap that was ever created? I mean, this stuff is intense! It's taking it's sweet time setting up, though. Soft and creamy. There's another batch, further into the drying area, that's a knock out too -- vetyver mitti and marigold soap -- this is a nice vetyver, too, not bitter or teethy, just sweet smoothness with that lovely pop of sunshine from the marigold absolute. I had this imagery in my mind when I was whipping this scent up of those beautifully earthy and floral fragrant blooming teas, a marigold basket, with jasmine, amaranth, and marigold blossoms that unfurl in hot water. I thought that scent with the earthy warmth of mitti attar and vetyver would be something truly special -- and it is.

I've been putting the finishing touches on the Kyphi class at The Natural Perfume Academy's website. Step-by-step instructions with tutoring, pictures, links, history, and room for research. I'm really hoping to delve into Kyphi as I never have before, and take a few people with me on the trip. I'm also thinking about going through all my notebooks from the Delicia days and creating a little recipe book for the holidays. I know I've said that before, but this time I'm serious. I feel like I need to get this stuff 'out there' now.

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