Sunday, October 05, 2014

Going Deep!

I used to be really, really, really, really great at research. And notes' taking. Since the advent of computers, at least in my home, I'm not so great at it anymore. Too much bad information online. And the fact that I can now put down in words (type) as fast as my ADD allows, which is pretty flittering fast. I feel like my brain's in overdrive. Reminds me of my severely ADD brother-in-law, who is in his late 40's, who will do 12 things at one time, none very well -- can't tell you how many burnt meals I've had with my sister and her family because he cooked and decided it was also a good time to do an oil change on the car (that wasn't finished), start a bonfire in the back 40 with a gallon of gasoline (did I mention he's a bit of a pyro too?), put clothes in the washer (but never turn it on), and pick walnuts (leaving the buckets of walnuts in the orchard to rot). My brain feels like that sometimes ~ ha! Anyway, I'm researching Kyphi -- again and some more. Kyphi research is fraught with rabbit holes. Down one, up another, one bit says this, another says that, both argue over the same piece of translation -- it's this, not it's that! I want answers and there aren't any. Just the way it is. Most of what's written about Kyphi come from Greek writings after the fact -- even the Edfu Temple inscriptions were done during the time of the Greeks. It's all so flipping maddening!

Okay, back to the snug little rabbit hole I found ~ hahaha!

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