Friday, October 10, 2014

What I Don't Know

What I don't know could fill a galaxy. If I knew it all already, life wouldn't be nearly so fun. Clearly I'm referencing Kyphi and incense raw materials' research. And everything else ~ ha!

Yesterday I received a little jewel of scent in the mail -- an unexpected fragrant traveler from across the country. A well-known perfumer sent me a sample of a naturally compounded Mousse de Saxe base, and I was immediately struck by how deep and gorgeous and 'vintage' it smelled. It would be the base notes of the perfume Mata Hari wore when she performed her famously near naked dances, with roses and sweet lemon rind in the top. This Mousse de Saxe has some of the same beautiful attributes as DSH's Pandora, only this one is deeper and darker and rich without all the sparkly notes, because, well, it's a base -- an accord, an unfinished piece. I can't wait to see what this perfumer does with this astounding base.

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