Monday, October 06, 2014

Inspiration Abounds

A long time ago when I first started out, I used to buy that amber resin stuff that came in dark, light, rose, sandalwood and on and on and on, that was marketed as natural but was actually compounded naturals and synthetics -- tricky, tricky -- and used it in soap and a few basic perfume oils before I realized it was too good to be true. Anyway, since then I've always been intrigued with creating something like those resins compounded using only naturals. I think I'm going there. Actually, I already went. I've notebooks of perfume and compound sketches -- incomplete formulations that never saw the light of day, heck, never even made it off paper! But within all that were a few fledgling formulations for compounded resins. Then today I had a nice conversation with another incenseur who directed me to a blog where the inspiration was reignited. I cracked open one of those old notebooks and made fragrant gold. Compounded incense resin with rose and tons of myrrh. It is intoxicating. I love following the Kyphi path!

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