Friday, October 03, 2014

Vetyver Mitti & Marigold Soap

Something is different today. My perspective is somewhat altered -- off a bit. I watched a video that was both sad and deeply inspiring, but that was only part of why I'm feeling the way I do. I'm not sure where the rest is coming from -- perhaps it's another one of those shift-lock-change things. I am ready for change. And I am not afraid.

I made soap. Nice, beautiful, creamy, deliciously scented soap. One is a sweet, earthy aged vetyver and mitti oil with vanilla and patchouli and a big bouquet of marigold, and the other is spike lavender with kyphi oils (frankincense, myrrh, orris, santal, et al). Both smell amazing! I mixed things up this time and used sunflower and evoo and just a bit of coconut cream, not a lot, so the lather is fine and smooth and creamy. If I had more room, I'd bust out a couple more batches, but these have to dry and set up and get wrapped and put up in the stockroom before I can spread more out all over the place. Space here is an issue I still can't get used to.

I'm working on a couple of custom perfumes -- one based in sweet vetyver and the other a spicy floral. I used to not be able to work like this, with two 'fume projects going at once because I'd get confused, discombobulated, but not now. It's like one feeds off the other, striking inspiration. It's kind of weird for me.

Vetyver Mitti & Marigold Soap

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