Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guess What Ahm Doin' In Tha Mahnin'?


  1. Guess whose house is smelling fabulosus at the moment!!! Rather jealous actually, as its well past bulb season here and my jonquils are long gone... :-( Have fun in the mahnin!!

  2. I actually found some narcissus and jonquil, but they really didn't throw off much scent. Right now, up in Murphys, CA, the jonquil are starting to poke their way out of the ground, and by St. Patrick's they'll be covering the sides of the roads from town all the way to Ironstone Wineries, about half a mile -- half a mile of scented bliss, that drive!

  3. Beautiful Justine! There's a stretch of road just out of Perth that is the same ~ a girlfriend and I were driving to a retreat last year and saw the jonquils lining the road. If we weren't on a highway we'd have stopped and rolled in them.... ;-) Shame their bloom is so fleeting.



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