Thursday, February 18, 2010

More on Hyacinth

This second round went a little differently from the first. The first batch paled out pretty quickly. I evulsed for 5 hours, then let the blossoms soak in the alcohol for two days before straining it off for another go 'round; the second batch has evulsed for 5 hours and I'm going to strain it and put in another 300-380 grams of blossoms into the now 200 or so grams of alcohol. This second batch is holding its color. And has such a strange scent; smells like hyacinth, but also has this creamy, nutty smell, a titch of blue lotus in there, and really green. And the evulsion itself is a dark purple color. Amazing. I don't know how much more this alcohol can take, but I'm going to go one more round, maybe two, before I finish it up.


  1. Thanks for posting your experiences throughout this process Justine ~ tis so very interesting!! I love that the alcohol has really taken on the colour also. How strong is the scent at this point?

  2. Thanks for reading them! The scent is very, very strong and tenacious. The overspill on my wrists (wore gloves, for all the good in the world that did) lasted a good hour and a half. But the initial "blast" is where the good stuff is. I hold no hope that the color will last. It will, and is supposed to turn reddish-brown. Pretty while it lasts, but it doesn't last.



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