Monday, February 01, 2010



  1. You know, I know of Tool more by reputation than actual sound, so I'm glad you shared some musica. Good stuff, Maynard.

    I might have to be a copycat and do something similar :)

  2. Oh, shoot... I can't figure out how to embed a YouTube thingamabobber.

    Here's what I was going to upload to my blog:

    This is the sort of music I hear in the background when I'm looking at your product names and reading descriptions :)

  3. I really wasn't into Tool much because I'd only heard what was on the radio, but for the past year I've really been getting into their old stuff (1990 is when they formed), and I have to say the music that doesn't get air time is superior.

  4. I like that YouTube song! I have this fantasy of opening a shop and hiring dancers and having music like that playing for the grand opening . . . dreams are good.



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