Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Interview at Winged Seed

I was recently interviewed by Marcia Elston who owns and operates Samara Botane, and writes the blogs Aromaconnection and Winged Seed.

My interview is here.


  1. Yay!!!!!!


    I think you're 'acclaimed' now :)

    Seriously so.

  2. Ha! Thanks! It was fun, and a bit strange.


  3. It is awkward talking about oneself sometimes. I liken it to shouting in the street, more often than not.

    But you're very good at it, in part because you impart a bit of mystique there with your answers to the questions. Without being eccentric about it.

  4. Oh, I do feel awkward talking about myself. It is a bit like shouting in the street (reminds me of driving in heavy traffic while yelling at one of the kids for some offense and realizing all the occupants in the cars around me are staring -- and listening).

    Eccentric. I try not to come off that way. More like ADD with a poor vocabulary :)

  5. Congratulations J! That is a wonderful interview. It is so nice to see you getting the recognition you deserve.



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