Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Perfume

Thanks to that lovely tuberose (did you ever think you'd see those words on my blog?) the East Indian Vrindaban inspired perfume is closer to production. Earlier in the blog I posted a pictorial of diluting solids -- it's the champaka going into this perfume. But since this one is to be more green and earthy, a bit of galbanum and patchouli are going in as well, and a few other things. Can't give away too much, now can I? When it's done, I'll make up 10 - 2ml vials to give away here on the blog. I haven't chosen a name for this one yet, so maybe with the help of the author of the brief (an avid incense lover) and the 10 recipients of samples, we can come up with something appropriate. Watch for it in about four weeks . . . until then.


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