Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Smooth Laminator, Smooooooth Laminator

Okay. So. Went to the printers to have all these worksheets and charts laminated and found out that they're charging the same price per sheet as two cheesy double beef burritos. Two! Together! For one piece of paper!

So I whipped out my calculator (aka pencil) and figured that I could buy a little lamination kit, plus an extra lamination cartridge, for about $40 less than this one job I wanted the printer to do. I get the laminator home, start working away and a couple of things happen, 1) everyone started talking about what they wanted to laminate ~ the cats, a pot leaf, poop, hair, a penny; 2) I start singing Sade's hit song, "Smooth Oper--" um "Smooth Laminator" and my son walks in and says, "Those aren't the words to that song," and "Geez, mom! I hope you're not planning to do THAT for a living!" as he watched pages crank out of the laminator's mouth sideways. Okay, so I'm not so hot with the laminator. I noticed late in the game that there was magenta colored mineral dust being picked up by the edges of the lamination tape, or whatever that stuff is called, that had been dumped on the work table after a soap stamping frenzy, and now there's this weird dusky streak on some of the pages -- it doesn't cover any of the print or the actual pages themself, just clings a bit to the edges of the clear lamination-- uh -- stuff. I'm pretending I did it on purpose. I bedazzled the worksheets!

All this preoccupation with getting the workbooks printed, the worksheets laminated, evaluation kit supplies gathered, among the myriad and sundry other things that have to be done -- dishes, laundry, vacuuming, paying bills, etc. -- you'd think I'd have no time at all to perfume. Now it seems the release after all this running around like a chicken with its head cut off is formulating. I've been sitting at the bench making dilutions and performing mini trials of a perfume on the list of perfumes to do, and I'm getting about an hour of this quiet, meditative time in every evening.
Which for me is phenomenal. How is any moment quiet with six or more people in the house at any given time?

Now I'm going to do the dishes because they're beginning to crawl up the wall . . . thanks to those six or more people.

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