Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday's Soap Class

Early last week I received word from Intermountain Nursery that the class had sold out, then on Thursday night I got a call from K at the Nursery that there was a drop-out, so that put the class at nine, which I was completely happy with. But yesterday when I got to the Nursery, I found that there were 11 students! And I had only made ten primers. But it turned out that there was a couple there and they shared a primer, so everyone was able to walk away armed with the basics of cold process soap making. The class, thankfully, didn't last from 9:30 to 3pm as posted, wrapping up some time around 1:30 or so. It was an unusual day for May, the coldest on record for us, from what I heard. We had a fire pit and a propane heater warming us on the patio for the entire day. I taught perfumery formulating techniques to create the scent for the soap and let one group of students create the top notes, another group the heart notes, and another the base notes. The scent turned out beautifully and several students wrote down the formulary to recreate later. It was a great class, the students couldn't have been better; curious, attentive, excited to be there. My assistant, Becca, whom I forgot to introduce to the class, was very helpful -- she was always there to take away a dirty bowl or measuring cup to wash and return clean, moving bottles and buckets around so the students could have better access to the soap pot. I think we made a great team.

We made two soaps, one with salts in the base, and one to practice swirling. Both are quite artistic and beautiful, I think.


  1. These are absolutely lovely. What fun! I once tried to make lye soap, and it was a serious disaster.I'd love to take your class!

  2. Hands on training is optimal. If I'd taken a class instead of slogging my way through 5 years of tortuous trial and error, I would have known not to make all those terrible mistakes which cost me time and money. But that, too, is an education.

  3. Hi Justine,

    Just wanted to thank you again for the great class & to let you know that I did a post/review on my blog

    We really enjoyed ourselves & I'm hoping to get my first batch under my belt in the next day or two.


  4. Hey Jules! Thanks for the link to the review -- and thanks for the review! I'm so happy you and Cindy liked the class. It was a lot of fun, even if it was a bit chilly and put us off our game, re: the butter melting properly. Tell Cindy thanks for all her help :)



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