Sunday, May 02, 2010

Neroli Portugal & Other Stuff Experiment

The Neroli Portugal with lemon blossoms and citrus leaves is done. The resultant hydrosol does not smell like bitter orange neroli and petitgrain. It smells less piquant, a little greener without so much of the citrus sparkle. It's nice, but somewhat subdued. There is a lot of oil in this hydrosol. It chose to stick to the sides of the bottle and float as sheen atop the hydrosol. It is pleasant, mellow, languid, more womanly than girlie. Useful.


  1. Hi J ~ unfortunately I didn't get to the lemon blossoms in time... when I got back to the bush, ALL the flowers were gone! Arrgh.

    HOWEVER, my partner had to trim the tree a few days ago and lopped off some errant stick out sideways branches..... oh yum!! the scent of the cut wood and leaves is just heavenly.

    I'm going to tincture some of the leaves and perhaps the twigs too if I can chop them up enough.

    Would you suggest letting them dry off a bit or because I'm working with alcohol the water content doesn't matter so much?

    Thank you muchly

  2. If the branches and leaves were cut a few days ago, they should be ready to work with. You'll get a better scent if you chop the leaves up rather than leaving them whole. Go for it!



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